What’s the deal?

Gaktory is the brainchild of SFX artist Andy Jarosz. Andy has worked in the Chicago film industry for over ten years, and got his start by building custom camera equipment. He’s always been a tinkerer, a maker, and an inventor–but despite this, there has never really been an outlet to sell his doodads short of starting a company. He’s also the one writing this, so the third person perspective feels real weird.

We live in a new maker revolution. You can go to a local Home Depot and buy a 3D printer, pro level CAD tools are free, and boards like the Arduino make it easier than ever to get into electronics. Filmmakers and photographers all around the world are making awesome stuff, and we wanted to give them a outlet.

Low Fees

A traditional distributor will take 25% or more of the MSRP of a product and a long-term contract. We take just 5% and a small listing fee. This gives creators the freedom to offer competitive and sensible pricing, or do low-volume runs.

Incredible Infrastructure

Listing through Gaktory reduces the burden on you to build and maintain a website. We handle the payments and provide easy interfaces to manage your products. This makes your life easier and increases customer confidence.

Community Of Makers

If you have a crazy (or crazy AWESOME) idea but are unsure there's a market, Gaktory is a great way to ``test the waters.`` Additionally, our forums are the perfect resource to collaborate and bounce ideas off of people smarter than you (no offense.)
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