For Buyers

Simply visit the sellers Store, which can be found under the “Vendor Info” tab of any of their products. On the left side is a form to contact the seller.

Gaktory is a self-service P2P marketplace. That means the seller is the one responsible for building and shipping the product. Gaktory does not hold any inventory at this time.

Downloadable products can be accessed by going to My Account and clicking “Downloads.”

Please note that the seller determines the terms of the downloadable products, which may only be available for a limited time.

Returns are offered at the discretion of the seller. They may choose to offer a warranty or not, and by purchasing you automatically agree to those terms.

If you’ve purchased a product and want to ask for a refund, simply access the Orders page of your account and find the product you’d like to return.

If you did not receive the item as it was described, please first attempt to rectify the order with the seller to ensure no accidental mistake was made.

If you believe the seller has created a fradulent listing, please contact us at Gaktory has a zero tolerance policy for fraud and will treat every case seriously.

For Sellers

Good question. Gaktory is primarily a marketplace for tools, as opposed to items. The distinction isn’t always clear, but in general, think of it for specialty items as opposed to commodities.


  • Cable routing 3D prints for wireless follow focus motors
  • Plant-on props
  • Custom Case Foam Services

Not allowed:

  • Sci-Fi prop gun (not a tool)
  • Stock Footage
  • Reselling of items (we’re not a garage sale)

Grey area:

  • Makeup appliances

Gaktory uses a flexible shipping system that gives the seller a lot of control. The trade off if that it requires a little bit of set up.

Before you can start selling, you’ll need to configure which shipping options you want to offer through your Shipping Settings page.

Live Rates automatically calculated shipping price based on size and weight of an object. Click “Configure” next to the Live Rates option to link a Shippo account, and set up which boxes and services you want to offer.

If you’d like to ship with UPS, FedEx, or DHL, you’ll need to configure your personal API through Shippo. We know it’s a pain–we’re working on it 🙂

Flat Rate allows you to set fixed prices per item

Free Shipping disables shipping costs

These options simply enable which methods are enabled. You’ll choose which method to use for a particular item when creating it.

Once you receive an order, labels can be ordered and printed directly from the Orders page of your dashboard.

Please note you must have configured a Shippo account through the Shipping Settings page to be able to print directly through Gaktory.

Gaktory has two plans, a Free plan and a paid plan called Above The Line.

The free plan entitles you to list 10 products per month, with a per-item sales fee of 5%.

Above The Line costs $4.99/a month, and entitles you to list an unlimited amount of products with a per-item sales fee of 5%. Above The Line also entitles you to exclusive discounts both at Gaktory and partners.

You can withdraw your funds at any point. Ensure you have a withdrawl method set up in Your Seller Settings.

You will not be eligible to withdraw funds until you have marked the order as Complete. This is to help prevent fraud.

You sure can! It’s a great way to offer color, size, or connector type variations to a product.

On the Product Listing page, simple change the type from “Simple” to “Variable.” Then towards the bottom, you can use the Attributes tab to add variations to your product.

You sure can!

By checking the Downloadable checkbox of a product, you can attach a file that will be accessible with a physical item. This is a great way to attach a manual or software program with your item.

By checking the Virtual checkbox of a product, it eliminates the physical attributes and makes the product downloadable only.

You can specify the amount of times an item can be downloaded as well as how long the download is valid for in the Downloadable Options tab of the Product Listing page.

You can make your store look awesome by visiting the Settings>Store tab in your Dashboard.

Please note that all the information entered in this tab will be public.

Storewide discount settings can be found in the Settings>Store page of your dashboard.

Default refund settings can be found in the Settings>RMA section of your Dashboard.

These settings can also be changed per-item.

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