Reality Field Virtual Production System


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Reality Field makes building a virtual production camera workflow fast and easy!

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Reality Field makes building a virtual production workflow fast and easy! Supporting a multitude of trackers, cameras, and output formats, Reality Field acts as a “universal translator” for narrative virtual production.

Features include:

  • Support for SteamVR controllers/trackers, Antilatency, Optitrack, ReTracker, Free-D, Qualisys, and more.
  • Support for full cluster output to LiveLink, Free-D, and OSC simultaneously.
  • Adds frame synchronization (via Decklink/LTC/Optitrack) to any output
  • Full tracker axis remapping, noise filtering, and camera/lens data attachment
  • Direct integration of RED, LONET, Blackmagic, Arri and Sony camera APIs

Studio Licensing

If you’re looking to purchase more than one license, email me and we can attach more activations to your key. That way you don’t need multiple gumroad subscriptions.



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